Kirti Jain
Research interests: E. coli, Gene regulation, Single-cell microscopy, Antibiotic resistance
Ekaterina Krasnopeeva
Research interests: Bacterial physiology, Single-cell microscopy, Phase transition
Roderich Römhild
Research interests: Evolution of bacteria, Responses to antibiotic combinations, Fluctuating environments
Bryan Wu
PhD student
Research interests: Viruses, Design principles, and Modularity
Nathalie Gruber
PhD student
Research interests: Virus-host interaction, genomic islands, anti-phage defense
Mike Hennessey-Wesen
PhD student
Research interests: Bacterial evolution, Mutation rate plasticity and adaptive mutation, Microfluidics
(affiliated with the Hof group)

Stepan Ovchinnikov
PhD student
Research interests: Bacterial evolution, Role of homologous recombination in bacterial evolution
(co-affiliated with the Barton group)
Nikola Zarevski
PhD student
Research interests: Bacterial epigenetics, Gene regulatory networks, Transcriptional regulation
Athina Diakogianni
PhD student
Research interests: Evolution of gene regulation, Biophysical modeling, Biological information processing


Dr. Remy ChaitLecturer in Biosciences at the University of Exeter
Dr. Tobias BergmillerLecturer in Biosciences at the University of Exeter
Dr. Mato LagatorGroup leader at the University of Manchester
Dr. Tatjana PetrovAssistant Professor at the University of Konstanz
Dr. Maros PleskaPostdoctoral Fellow in the Leibler Lab at the Rockefeller University
Dr. Moritz LangSenior Lecturer in Control Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien
Dr. Claudia IglerIndependent ETH Zurich Postdoctoral fellow with Roland Regoes
Dr. Isabella TomanekPostdoctoral Fellow in the Foster Lab at the University of Oxford
Dr. Rok Grah
Dr. Anna Nagy-Staron
Dr. Nela Nikolic
Dr. Magdalena SteinrückCommunications & Events Division at IST Austria
Dr. Kathrin TomasekPostdoctoral Fellow in the McKinney Lab at EPFL
Dr. Bor KavčičPostdoctoral Researcher at Biozentrum, University of Basel